new print

Five color reduction lino cut block print


This was my first woodcut I’ve ever done, I did an edition of 5, then 3 unique paints that were handpainted with watercolors.

woodcut and hand painted watercolor. 15x20inches.

Woodcut black ink

Relief Project

Here’s some photos of a linocut that I did for my relief class.

New Paintings

Here are some paintings that I have been working on this summer. They are currently being displayed at my Father’s restaurant called Crazy Jim’s which is located in downtown phoenix. The food is greek and american style and has been there for almost 16 years. The address is 305 West Washington and the phone number is 602.254.6550. Heres the website: go order food and come eat ! =)

Printmaking at ASU

I go to Arizona State University and I’m in the printmaking program. I have learned so much and am very thankful I have the opportunity to go there. This past semester I was in Kathryn Maxwell’s advanced screen printing class, here is her website;, she is a very talented artist. ASU did a news update of printmaking and I got on the website! Here is the link: photo shows me screen printing a four-color screen print called “Skulls and Cupcakes”. This project was done for my classes portfolio exchange called “under the influence”. I choose to be under the influence of sugar; and added my tattoo design of sugar skulls and cupcakes. Here is a photo of what I made.

Sugar Skulls

My newest screen print of cup cakes & sugar skulls

edition #: 1/16
size: 11 x 14 inch

Screenprint Exchange


I participated in the 2nd annual undergraduate exchange portfolio in Central Michigan University. This print is 11×14 inches with an edition size of 12 prints. The theme was “stage 4”; I choose to focus on lung cancer. The print shows how someone would look in their stage 4 of lung cancer.  This print will be exhibited in the Central Michigan University Park Library from May – June 2010. Tell me what you think! Thanks

Heres the link to their facebook fan page:

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